i’m prefect. oops, i mean…perfect!

Perfectpin In last week's post, I shared with you one of the biggest impediments to success in business and in life is procrastination.

For many, procrastination is not just a hurdle..

it's a MOUNTAIN.

So this week, I wanted to extend last weeks post by discussing the SECOND major reason that people procrastinate:

The quest for perfection

Stated another way, we want to wait for the "perfect" conditions to make change or take that next step.  Many ordinary and really good people are caught up in an idealistic "perfect world syndrome".  They never create real wealth for themselves or their families because they wait for perfect conditions (which don't exist) before they advance toward their dreams.  I know of one business owner that purchased a home based franchise and spent FIVE years "getting everything in order" so that when he started, everything would be "perfect".  I guess it will comes as no surprise to hear that the business never got off the ground….

Sound like anyone you know?

This business owner represents just one of thousands of examples of how perfection can be a dream killer.  You and I both know that a "perfect world" has never and will never exist but the quest for unachievable perfect conditions provides the opportunity to make-up wonderful excuses for not taking action and ultimately, responsibility.  To add insult to injury, we can get so attached to everything being perfect, we don't understand it when others bring it to our attention! After all, we just want to do things "right", right?

Why do otherwise smart and even brilliant people get so stuck?

Fear has something to do with the quest for perfection as well but additionally, this particular breed of procrastinator is also risk-averse.  Instead of managing reasonable risks, they are unreasonable and want to avoid ALL risks.

Conversely, wealthy people don't wait for conditions to be perfect.  When they smell an opportunity that makes sense, they take action.  In fact, they have a bias for action.  Action could be starting a full- or part-time venture but it could also mean putting your hat in the ring for that big promotion or taking the job at that small start-up with big plans instead of being "safe" in the background of that big company with more perks..

The bottom line this week?

Don't get stuck in the perfection quagmire.  Make a calculated choice and move! Most good opportunities come covered in a layer of challenges and hard work – far from perfect but capable of providing substantial wealth.  At the end of day, it's about taking intelligent action versus INaction.

Have you ever heard a story about a wealthy procrastinator?

You were born to be great.

YES, you can!

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