are you incompetent?

I am writing this while attending the 2007 ICF Annual Coaching conference and I am inspired.  Today was the opening session and there are approximately 1500 coach attendees from 40 countries.  It is amazing.  The opening keynote speaker was Julio Olalla, founder of the Newfield Network (a coaching institute) and well known in coaching circles.  He was magnificent.  He spoke about many things but something that resonated with me was this statement "When we declare a dream, the first thing we realize is that we are incompetent to get there, so many of us declare nothing at all." WOW! I thought to myself, how true is that?  How often do we let fear immobilize us?  It resonated with me because at various times in my life, I have definitely let my fear stop me and I am finally in a place where I work everyday to stand in my power and make the difference only I can make in the world.  I could give you a laundry list of fears I have had in my journey – What if I fail? What if I succeed? What if I get "too" big? What will others think of me when I speak my authentic truth? Will they think I’m weird? Will they "get" it?  What if they don’t? etc, etc.  I want you to know that I am no different than you. I am a human being with frailties and fears.  What may distinguish me is that this time, my fear is not stopping me.  Everyday I practice standing in my power and not in my fear so I am proud to be incompetent because on some level, it means that I am courageous enough to declare my vision even if I’m not always entirely sure of every step needed to manifest it!  What I have come to learn is that what I need always shows up when I need it.  I’m smart enough (most of the time) to acknowledge what it is I don’t know (or that I don’t know what I don’t know) and try to stay open enough to see and accept the gifts that are offered to me in support of my quest and my dream.  One of my goals is to have every person on the planet to join me – To reside in a place of power instead of fear, abundance instead of scarcity, gratitude instead of selfishness, joyful living instead of existing…   What would the world look like if even 20% of us resided there everyday?  The tide is turning…..  Where are you?  I would love to hear your story!

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