are you boiling?

Froginwater Every time I hear this anecdote I smile because it really is relevant to how we approach our careers and professional ventures – especially in these times.

It goes something like this:

If you place a frog in boiling water, the frog will jump out because of the heat.  However, if you place the frog in the water while it's cool and slowly turn up the temperature the frog will boil to death because it doesn't recognize the change in temperature.

"Gross-ness" aside..

How often have you been the frog?

I see "frogs" both in entrepreneurial ventures and in career crisis.  The entrepreneurs have tried the same old tired tactics to make their business grow (to no avail) and "suddenly" find their business in crisis and the careerists have kept their heads in the sand refusing to see a declining business environment…

The moral to the story?

If you're going to stay in the water, at least do so with intentionality and get out before you burn up!  Don't be a happy, dead frog….

What's your take away?

You were born to be great!

YES, you can!

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