are you a purple cow?

Purplecow_2 I am currently reading Purple Cow by Seth Godin.  He’s a marketing guru that basically discusses why once successful marketing campaigns are no longer cutting the mustard and why once successful companies fade into the sunset never to be heard from again.  And while my summation isn’t necessarily graceful, it all boils down to the purple cow.  The purple cow is that idea, product or strategy that is so remarkable, people flock to YOU for it instead of you having to sell it to the market.  Clearly, you need to purchase the book (which I recommend) to really get the full flavor but I found myself not only thinking about the purple cow in terms of a business product but also in terms of human capital for my clients and readers who might be in the job market.  If you are job seeking now (or expect to be in the near future), what makes you a purple cow?  What is it about you that is so distinctive and so remarkable that an employer HAS to hire you?  If you are not a purple cow now, how can you become one?

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