and then there were two

Ncaa Four number one teams made it the final four and now, after two great games we’re down to Memphis and Kansas.  Hunh?  Now admittedly, the only time I really follow college basketball is during the NCAA tourney and I am now educated on the outstanding 27-1 season Memphis had going into the NCAA’s but STILL, Memphis and Kansas?  At least the Kansas/North Carolina game had some ebb and flow but Memphis essentially trounced UCLA…

Whoda thunk it?

Despite their number one records, most of the sports insiders gave a 0 probability of all 4 number one teams making it to the final four.

Despite their number one rankings, Kansas and Memphis were not expected to be the ones still standing…

How many times in your life have you been counted out?

Don’t believe them!

Don’t go for it!


Despite all the stats and facts and figures about who succeeds in business or how or why, the one thing that can never be accounted for in a statistical analysis is your heart, your spirit, your commitment, your passion and your belief in yourself. 

So, please..please..whatever you do..

Don’t believe the hype about WHY it can’t be done.

You were born to be great.

YES, you can!

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