aim high. achieve high. don’t settle!

"The greatest danger for most of us is not that we aim high and miss it, but rather that we aim low and reach it."

As I have evolved as a business coach, my business tag lines have also evolved.  Somewhere in my journey, I came across the Michelangelo quote that led me to the tag line above and I’m writing today because I want to share that although I primarily focus in the business arena, the main reason I love the quote is because it applies to any pursuit.  Whether your goal is about career or weight loss, don’t settle for what you think someone else’s ideal is.  Only you know what is true for you.  Regardless of what path you are on, I am a catalyst for possibility – a voice that chooses to say, "YES, you can!"  As that voice, I invite you to not sell yourself short because of that internal or external voice (or choir depending on circumstances!) that says your goal is too big.  I learned a long time ago that we can never dream outside the realm of our own possibility. It’s impossible!  So whether you want to be a school teacher, a CEO, a mom/dad or President of the United States, craft your plan and follow your plan.  Your heart will speak and reveal the ultimate truth that only you can hear.

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