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Creators of the SIX FIGURES FAST(tm) System

Our Founder:


Thank you for visiting our website!  My name is Valerie Pendergrass and I have always been fascinated with leadership, even as a kid.

It led me to attend West Point and serve my country.

But when I transitioned from military leadership to corporate leadership, as good as I was, I couldn’t escape one overwhelming fact…

There was a DARN good chance that I wasn’t making as much as my male counterparts who had NO leadership experience….. AT ALL.

I don’t know about you but that GRATES me to no end.

According to the US Department of Labor, women will need to work more than 70 additional days each year to catch up to men AND, the wage gap doesn’t close the higher women go!

THAT’s why I founded Leadership on Speed, LLC and created Six Figures Fast(sm)…

To give women leaders the tools, information, education and insight to close that gap more quickly and get rewarded NOW for their amazing contributions.

Once I made the realization, I made it my MISSION to figure out HOW I could help change the landscape.

I became a student of the “learn what you don’t know” school of learning.

I studied the corporate environment.  I studied my male counterparts and leaders.  I took note of the education and tools that were made available to me (and them) as I moved higher up the corporate ladder. I read and read and read and read some more.

I decided to go back and get an advanced degree in psychology in order to better understand human beingness so I earned my Masters Degree in Psychology.

I wanted to better understand how to move people through a personal development process so I earned my Coaching Certification in Business Coaching to understand the principles of advancing people through processes according to their goals.

And then I developed a replicable system in order to accelerate results for my clients.

And the rest, as the saying goes, is history.

I am passionate about YOUR story.  Passionate about giving women the leadership training, tools, education and advantages they need to be exceptional leaders and get to the Six Figure Club as quickly as possible.

Thank you for “listening” and I look forward to partnering with you on your own incredible journey!

You got this!