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keeping the pedal to the metal eventually takes its toll

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Acceleration The April issue of Harvard Business Review had an interesting article entitled The Acceleration Trap which highlights a challenge faced by so many of my clients (if not all) particularly in the current economic environment.  Organizations have simultaneously downsized personnel while trying to increase production which means that the associates left behind who were once operating at 80-90% production are now functioning at 125%+ on a daily basis.  Every organization goes through periods of increased productivity    Read More

coaching your promotees to success

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Promotion2 This post is inspired by Steve Tobak.  Back in July he wrote a post entitled Why That Big Promotion Can Be a Curse. Steve's post focused on failed CEO promotions in light of the BP debacle but it really got me to thinking about failed promotions at all levels of an organization and "why those little promotions can also be a curse".

In North American culture, we are taught from early ages to desire "status".  Early on    Read More

moving towards “count-on-ability”

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

PromisespromisesThe reality is that as human beings, we want to be trustworthy which means we also want to be accountable (or rather "count-onable").  Have you ever met someone who aspired not to be?  The challenge is that somewhere along the line, we learned that it was "ok" to break our word.  That the world is, in fact, so accepting of it that we no longer feel bad when it occurs.  We have confused the "promise" of getting something done with the    Read More