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going through the looking glass

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Aliceinwonderland When it comes to your professional life, do you often feel as if you're swimming with the current or against it?  Are you sailing with the wind or fighting it?

The answers to these seemingly simple questions are critical when determining if your work is aligned with your purpose, passion and talents because when everything is aligned, progress seems to be smooth and easy, almost effortless.  When you are "in the zone",you know it.  You feel more satisfaction and you perform well - no wonder money    Read More

i’m prefect. oops, i mean…perfect!

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Perfectpin In last week's post, I shared with you one of the biggest impediments to success in business and in life is procrastination.

For many, procrastination is not just a hurdle..

it's a MOUNTAIN.

So this week, I wanted to extend last weeks post by discussing the SECOND major reason that people procrastinate:

The quest for perfection

Stated another way, we want to wait for the "perfect" conditions to make change or    Read More

can i put it off just one more day?

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

The older I get and the more I coach, I realize that there are truly no absolutes in life except this:

Stopprocratinating There are many ways to avoid success in life and one of the surest of these is procrastination.

I know most of us don't like to admit it, but most of us procrastinate from time to time.  Yes, it's true.  In fact, some of us are down right pros at it!  We put off filing our taxes until the last day (guilty), never    Read More